Facebook’s Move to Meta: We’ll Get Through This Together

By Tyler Brewington On Oct. 28, 2021, Facebook Inc. announced it was rebranding as Meta, a move that points to Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for building the metaverse, a digital world accessed via virtual reality headsets and other reality-augmenting technologies. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp aren’t undergoing radical changes just yet, but we’re definitely witnessing the earliest […]

Organic & Paid Social Content

What Are They & Which One is Right for You? By Maddy Coast You know you want your social feeds to connect with your audience by letting them hear your voice, and you know you want to do that in a way that also builds trust and acts as a natural extension of your existing […]

New Year, New Marketing Trends

By Tyler Brewington The end of 2021 signals a fundamental transition for digital marketers as we recover from the unprecedented business disruptions brought on by COVID-19. Last year was filled with more pivots than Ross carrying his new couch upstairs, and many have found themselves scrambling to catch up with changes in consumer behavior, online […]

Essentials to E-Comm Marketing Series: 3… 2… 1… New Product Launch!

By Danielle Whetstone The unfortunate reality is that not every new product launch hits the mark. Cruise the discount aisle at your local grocery store and you’ll find plenty of examples of new products that didn’t quite land. Whether it was a miss in anticipating consumer trends, an inflated price point, or a lack of […]

Essentials to E-comm Marketing Series: Holiday Hullabaloo

By Danielle Whetstone If you’re an e-comm retailer, you don’t need us to remind you of the gravity the holiday season holds for your bottom line. For many businesses, Q4 is the most lucrative time of the year. While there are plenty of advertising opportunities throughout the year, none compare with the buying power of […]

How to Work Your Leads Series: #5 Be Persistent. Not Annoying.

By Danielle Whetstone We’re wrapping up our blog series of tips and tricks for How to Work Your Leads with our final tip #5: Be Persistent. Not Annoying. True enough, digital leads can be hard to track down, but let’s dive into how to encourage engagement without turning off your lead for good.  Offer Value […]

How to Work Your Leads Series: #4 Don’t Cherry Pick

By Danielle Whetstone We’ve been diving into the best tools and tricks to work your leads. This week we’re talking about cherry-picking. No, not filling your bucket with the delicious stone fruit. The practice of selecting only the best, most qualified leads from the batch. Let’s talk about why this isn’t the best use of […]

How to Work Your Leads Series: #3 Be Realistic

By Danielle Whetstone For years we’ve been helping clients generate quality leads through digital marketing. One of the biggest hurdles clients face is being realistic about what to expect. We’re breaking down some misconceptions and laying the foundation for realistic lead communication.  Don’t expect leads to do their homework.  While you might be the hottest […]

How to Work Your Leads Series: #2 Be Friendly

By Danielle Whetstone When it comes to sales, lead generation is only part of the equation. How and when you reach out to your leads can make all the difference in closing a sale. And let’s be honest, digital leads are a different beast to nurture.  In this series we’ve been diving into some best […]

How to Work Your Leads Series: #1 Act Immediately

By Danielle Whetstone When it comes to sales, it’s evident that it’s increasingly more challenging to generate leads and convert prospects into customers. When fast-paced, immediate gratification is the norm, how do you break the cycle? In this blog series, we’re breaking down some of our best tips and tricks to work your leads. Tip […]