Curating Strategic Content in a Social World


By Kelly Corder

Now more than ever, consumers are doing research on brands before committing to a purchase. Having refined social media platforms boosts credibility for your business and intrigues customers — so much so that having good content can lead to a 6x conversion rate! Creating consistent, quality content is key to staying in front of your audience and building a personal connection. Here’s how to optimize your content and customer engagement.

PROMOTE: It’s time to attract attention and get followers to commit to your call to action. This can be an application link, an order form, subscribing to an email newsletter, and more. Collecting that information nudges your potential customers to think about you after they’ve scrolled through your feed. Giveaways are a fantastic way to capture attention and make sure your products and services are at the forefront of the consumer’s mind. And if they love the giveaway, you can be sure they’ll remain engaged with your brand after the giveaway is over.

INSPIRE: Creating an emotional bond with your followers keeps their interest. Use inspirational posts, quotes, community involvement, profile stories, and other content that’ll stand out. This kind of content can inspire customers to get educated on causes related to your company or product and remember that you were the origin of that pursuit. 

ENTERTAIN: Don’t let your customers get bored. Engage and entertain them with behind-the-scenes stories, unique viewpoints, and other content that allows them to get to know your brand. This fosters an emotional bond with consumers and grows it in a new way. No one is going to pay attention to bland content, so make sure yours is fresh, eye-catching, and engaging.

EDUCATE: Share resources and other information with your customers. This is a great opportunity to provide tips, FAQs, prompting questions, and other outlets for your followers to learn from you. Let them know what sets your product or service apart, and make it known that you are the experts!

Social media platforms are an extension of your website, and keeping a cohesive feed is important for brand recognition. Ensuring brand standards carry across platforms gives you more credibility and provides an appealing aesthetic for followers. Leverage this space to curate thoughtful content that builds trust with your customers; you’re a brand that delivers quality products and services. 

Don’t know where to start with content marketing? Conduct a self-audit and ask yourself:

  • When was the last time we posted?
  • How frequently are we posting?
  • Is our strategy hitting the four key components?
  • How is our brand portrayed? 
  • Is our feed representative of our website as a whole?

If you need help optimizing your content and creating a holistic brand representation, C Squared Social can help!

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