E-Commerce Campaign Success


By Jessie Davis

Pop a bottle of champagne –– not just because it’s a new year, but because C Squared Social has been instrumental to our e-commerce clients’ incredible campaign successes! From By Gina to Pharmacopia and beyond, measurable results have soared. What makes these campaigns so outstanding? The most commonly applied tools include email marketing, an organic social media presence, paid advertising, and user generated content. Each campaign has its own successes and challenges. However, when independent parts of the campaign connect and support each other, you’ll know you’ve hit gold. But how exactly do you know when you’ve hit it? Let’s explore the elements of a really successful e-comm campaign.

Here’s a fun fact: email was invented before the internet. Back in 1971, did the email inventor, Ray Tomlinson, know that his system of sending messages would become a marketing tool used by millions of people? With programs such as FlowDesk, Klaviyo, and Mail Chimp –– just to name a few –– taking over the electronic mail airwaves, e-commerce businesses are able to drive traffic, sales, and conversions across the globe. 

Pharmacopia is a perfect example. The C Squared Social content team created two email campaigns for the natural bodycare product company. The first campaign focused on shopper interaction on the website. This is known as an automated workflow based on customer behavior. Did someone leave the website without buying the items in their cart? Klaviyo will automatically send out an “abandoned cart” reminder to those shoppers. The other email automations acted as a newsletter, or a means to promote new products, inform recipients of an online sale, and share company updates. Between the two Klaviyo focuses, Pharmacopia saw a conversion rate of 55%, which is a huge win.

Speaking of huge wins: let’s take a look at the numbers from Pharmacopia’s organic social content. After setting a goal to grow Pharmacopia’s follower base on Facebook and Instagram,  C Squared created a plan of action. The key would be consistent posting. The scheduled posts, along with scroll-stopping graphics and compelling copy, earned Pharmacopia a follower increase of 267% on Instagram and 486% on Facebook. Their post engagement also increased by 228% and 218% on each respective platform. The Pharmacopia campaign success didn’t end with organic social –– paid ads played a big role, too. With the clever targeting plans of the C Squared Social team, customer retention rate and revenue numbers went up. Pharmacopia’s paid ads haven’t been running long, but the current numbers show an upward trajectory of more conversions, more returning customers, and more success in the campaign’s future. 

Successful campaigns owe their achievements to the team of individuals who make the working parts do just that: work. It takes a special, extra something to bring it all together in a way that sets the strategy and delivers results. From the moment an e-commerce client comes to C Squared Social, our marketing and content strategists learn what makes that client unique –– and how to highlight that uniqueness in creative ways. When a goal has been identified and a clear plan has been made, great results follow. As the internet advances and more platforms present themselves as viable ad spaces, e-commerce marketing evolves. No matter how you look at it, though, it takes the drive of an expert team to make the parts of a successful e-commerce machine work.

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