Get in the Fast Lane for Driver Recruiting


By Danielle Whetstone

As the nation reopens post-COVID and a new normal is drafted for business operations, one thing is certain — the ripple effects of this last year are sure to be felt for some time to come. But while most industries across the economy took a hard hit in 2020, the transportation industry is one that was not only left unscathed but saw positive gains.

An already stable $790B industry with trucks transporting an estimated 70% of the nation’s goods, when consumers from coast to coast turned to online shopping in droves, the demand for transported goods saw a steady increase. By the second half of the year, when retailers resumed stocking their store inventory, gas was poured on the fire in terms of demand.

What makes the trucking industry unique is that it’s virtually future-proof. Where other jobs are being phased out or replaced altogether with either technology or cheaper foreign labor, until robots controlled from India can drive tractor-trailers, there’s no indication that trucking will see a slowdown anytime soon.

But as anyone in the transportation industry can tell you, the issue isn’t supply or demand, but a lack of drivers to transport products from supplier to distributor. Even in the midst of record wages for CDL A drivers and increased job stability, filling trucks has been nearly impossible.

The main culprit? Retirement. There are not enough young drivers to replace those that are aging out. And as fewer of a younger workforce choose trade jobs, seeking better work-life-balance and wages, the trucking industry simply can’t deliver. Known for long hours, irregular income, and long periods away from home, a career as a truck driver isn’t attracting new talent to take the wheel.

But there is good news for carriers! Like the trucking industry, digital marketing is another segment that was perfectly positioned for phenomenal growth during a global pandemic. Remember all those online shoppers we mentioned? They’ve been the driving force of growth for an already expansive industry. The two are a match made in digital heaven.

While it’s estimated that as much as 75% of potential hires aren’t actively looking for a new job, they’re also not opposed to considering their options. That’s where social media advertising can be hugely beneficial to recruiting efforts, particularly for CDL A drivers. An eye-catching ad —great messaging to support your strong differential in the industry, be that company culture, driver benefits, or competitive compensation — and an aggressive marketing strategy can make all the difference between filling your fleet and lost revenue.

At C Squared Social, we’re experts at getting the right message with awesome graphics in front of the professional drivers you’re looking for to achieve epic results. Contact us today to learn how you can start filling your trucks!

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