How To Work Your Leads


By Danielle Whetstone

So, your digital ad campaign has launched and you’re seeing some great results with lead flow! But, with spam filters and call screening how do you reach these people? With the advancement of technology, the sales landscape has changed significantly, which means our tactics for lead engagement need to evolve as well. 

As specialists in digital marketing and lead generation, we’ve put together 5 tips to help you follow up with leads and move them down the funnel. We’ll give you the highlights here, but stay tuned for more in-depth info on how to implement each tip and flex that nurture muscle.   

  1. Act Immediately.

A lead is at the height of their interest the moment they’ve submitted their information, and research repeatedly shows that connecting with them as close to that submission time as possible is most advantageous. When you’re notified of a new lead, your response should be measured in minutes! 

  1. Be Friendly.

No one likes to be hounded into buying something they’re not sure they want. If your communication sounds stiff and like an informative business memo, you’ve just lost your lead. Be courteous and professional but keep the tone light and friendly. 

  1. Be Realistic. 

If you’re like most businesses, you probably don’t have a list of qualified leads knocking down your door begging to buy. Accept the fact that you’re going to have to spend some time educating, informing, and nurturing folks as to why you’re their best option. 

  1. Don’t cherry-pick leads.

Do your due diligence with every lead that comes in. Follow up and initially consider each lead on a level playing field. After all, you’re paying for these leads – don’t let those hard-working marketing dollars go to waste.

  1. Be Persistent – Not Annoying!

So you’ve tried calling a couple of times, left voicemails, and still haven’t gotten a response. Sorry, but the resounding answer to that dilemma is: “Keep. Trying!” Focus your time and energy on your “hot” leads but don’t toss out those colder ones. 

If you’ve been diligent in your follow up, have positioned yourself as a source of quality information, and have offered no-pressure, friendly communication, when a lead is ready to take the next step, you’ll be the one they turn to. 

Don’t miss our next blog where we’ll dive into best practices for contacting your leads immediately so you can make the most of every opportunity.

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