Lights, Camera, Advertising: Check Out These 2022 Meta Trends


By Kelly Corder

As we head into Q2, let’s take a look at what 2022 has already taught us about Meta (formerly Facebook) trends, and what to anticipate for the rest of the year. Meta is the most used social media platform (300M users), has the highest ROI, engagement, and highest quality leads. Knowing the content your audience desires is key to success across platforms. Personalized videos and motion graphics are what consumers crave in 2022.

Motion, motion, motion

Motion graphics, stories, and user-generated content are a must to reel your audience in. The video format immediately demands attention, and personalization is what turns eyes into conversions. According to Forbes, 80% of users say they’re more likely to make a purchase if they feel a video is catered to them. When users are spending half their time watching videos, there are plenty of opportunities to get in front of your audience with irresistible content.

“To be successful, you need to grab your user’s attention in the first few seconds.” -DJ Stanhope, C Squared Social Senior Account Coordinator. 

Capitalize on influencer marketing

Part of the appeal of video content is user generated content (UGC). By showing the results of a product and having a third party speak to its value, trust in the product is reinforced with consumers. As is true in great copywriting and graphics, why tell a customer they need your product when you can address their pain points and show them what makes it an essential purchase? 

At C Squared Social, our clients’ UGC ads generated almost 3x the clicks of static ads with the same targeting.

Quantity ≠ quality when it comes to UGC. Marketers are emphasizing the quality of content, engagement rates, and investment opportunities when utilizing this channel. Younger audiences in particular search for UGC and short, trendy videos that reflect a brand’s personality.

Know your audience

Understanding where your audience consumes content is just as important as what you put on the plate. 98.5% of Facebook users access the platform through their mobile devices. Ensuring graphics are sized appropriately for desktop and mobile is essential, as well as knowing how much copy to display. Video ads need to pack a punch immediately because the next video is only a swipe away. Holding their attention makes retargeting possible, which means they continue to see your brand on their feed.

“You can set targeting to run specific ads targeted towards people who watched at least 50% of your video, for example, which just further reinforces your brand in their mind and continues to add touchpoints and opportunities for them to convert.” – DJ Stanhope

With the cost of Meta ads rising, immaculate content is essential to keep your audience engaged. By combining personalized strategies with accessibility, customers are more inclined to convert.

Tell a story

Facebook Stories are about to take off. This tactic has been a successful engagement tool on Instagram and now it’s Meta’s turn to be part of the action. Your audience can engage during Live Streams and at their convenience next time they’re on the app. Whether you’re showcasing a product or bringing awareness to an event, utilize Meta Stories.

“Video just further reinforces your brand in their mind and continues to add touchpoints and opportunities for them to convert.” -DJ Stanhope

Move forward

Digital marketing is evolving quarter-to-quarter, month-to-month. New trends emerge, algorithms change, and audiences shift. By analyzing strategies and keeping them current, you can maximize your budget and reach. C Squared Social offers everything your brand needs to stay front and center. From impactful motion graphics to captivating content to UGC that results in conversions, we have the expertise to achieve results.

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